Zabawna gra Donkey Kong powraca!

Donkey Kong gra jest nadal jako zabawę, jak zawsze, gdy gra online. Uratuj swoją dziewczynę od niebezpiecznych Donkey Kong, który rzuca baryłek na drodze małego Mario. Za pomocą klawiszy strzałek, aby przenieść Mario w lewo, w prawo, w górę iw dół. Użyj spacji, aby skakać przez przeszkody. Przygotuj się wspiąć na górę i wolne Twojej księżniczki.
Donkey Kong is an arcade game where you have to focus on the main character and maneuver him across platforms while jumping and dodging obstacles on the way. This is one of the earliest free donkey kong game in the platform game genre and was released by Nintendo in 1980. You can say that this was the first platform game to introduce the need to jump over obstacles which approach on the way. In the game Mario, has to save his girlfriend Pauline, from the ape name Donkey Kong, who escapes from the Zoo and kidnaps Pauline. With the ability to jump and an occasional hammer, Mario goes to Pauline’s rescue. When he does make it to the top, Donkey Kong heads for a higher ground taking Pauline along with him.There are 25 levels in this game and the level gets tougher as it progresses.

The game proved to be a success in the United States and Japan. Many games were released based on this concept. They were clones of the original online donkey kong game.

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